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High animal morbidity, mortality, high treatment cost, poor diagnosis, treatment and control of disease.


Improve animal livability, rapid diagnosis, treatment and preventive care support will establish. One of our sub-project goals is to reduce the mortality rate in the region. Therefore, our Animal Health Centre thrives to provide the best veterinary care within justified cost.


Integrated Development Foundation (IDF)


Proposed location will be Shikolbaha, Karnafully, Chattogram


  1. To decrease calf mortality and disease morbidity in farm levels
  2. Provide medication and vaccination to prevent disease outbreak
  3. To serve veterinary facilities in the field level


  • General Examination
  • Pathological Services
  • Reproductive services
  • Pregnancy diagnosis
  • Skin disorders
  • Vaccination and deworming campaign
  • In house pharmacy
  • Nutritional consultancy
  • Postmortem of poultry
  • Others (as per need)