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Community Drainage System Development

Drainage system is in place to remove the excess water in development. This could be floodwater, rainwater, and different kinds of run off. Drainage systems are also in place to remove wastewater effectively and this is referred to as a sewer system.

drainage system will divert any fluid waste, dirty water, dairy, or cleaning chemicals away from the ground surface and into a drain channel.  

The purpose of drainage is

  • To maintain such an environment that not affects the public health in general.
  • The creation of such conditions of living which will not result into serious outbreak of epidemic diseases.
  • It is the control of environmental pollution; improve environmental quality to enable healthy ecosystem and comfortable habitation to human.
  • It is a preventive measure for the preservation of health of the community in general and individual in particular.

Shikalbaha Union is an area inhabited by cattle farms and one of the milk supply areas of Patiya-Karnafully dairy locality, but due to inadequate waste disposal system, water and air pollution in the area is widely observed due to cow dung and farm waste.


Irrational spreading of cow dung and urine, farm runoff water, waste feed etc.


Proper disposal of farm waste. Drainage channel will be constructed from farms so that farm waste
e.g. Cow dung, urine etc. are channeled to and properly disposed into a pre-determined spot.


We have developed 01 Community Drainage System through micro entrepreneur (MEs) under IDF-SEP project till March 2022