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Milk Chilling Centre

Milk chilling center offers provision for milk storage for good period of time. With persistent crisis of milk storage center and fair milk tariff, a chilling center in shikalbaha, patiya can be proved to be a solution for those catastrophes in the region.


Lack of milk preservation, processing & supply system and milk adulteration.


Improvement of milk keeping quality, hygienic management of milk, ensures quality milk for consumers. To ensure sustainable dairy business of the region, IDF milk Chilling Centre will ensure safe milk for consumers and balance supply demand chain.


Integrated Development Foundation (IDF)


College Bazar, 3 no Shikolbaha union, Karnafully, Chattogram


Initial capacity: 300 L
Final capacity: 3000 L


Though we anticipate to support local dairy farmers by ensuring fair tariff and giving facility for milk storage, we are also in business to favorably compete against our competitors in the marketplace, and for this we have several competitive strategies to ensure we have and maintain an edge over our competitors. The first thing we intend to do is to provide reasonable milk price to the dairy farmers through formation of cooperative dairy farmer so that we have adequate milk supply. As for marketing strategy we are focused on e-marketing. Keeping the provision for extending plant for instance ghee, butter, yogurt processing unit, will help in draw more profits