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A success story of community drainage system development

Drainage system plays a vital role in removing excess water. It can be flood water, rain water and various types of contaminated farm water. The importance of drainage system for effective removal of farm wastes and contaminated water is immense. The drainage system will remove any liquid waste, dirty water, dairy products and other chemicals from the surface to a drain channel.

Purpose of drainage system:

  • Drainage systems maintain a healthy environment that generally does not affects public health.
  • It is to create living conditions so that there will be no outbreak of the epidemic.
  • It controls environmental pollution. As well as healthy ecosystem and comfortable for people improves environmental standards by ensuring housing.
  • It is a preventive measure to protect the health of the person in general and in particular acts as.

Shikalbaha Union is an area inhabited by a cattle farm and a milk supply area in Patia-Karnafuli Dairy area. But due to inadequate waste disposal system, water and air pollution is widely observed in the area due to dung and farm wastes.

The development agency IDF is working on a sub-project of PKSF’s Sustainable Enterprise Project (SEP), funded by World Bank, entitled “Socio-Economic Development of the microenterprises through environment friendly dairy farm”. Under the IDF-SEP sub-project, development of drainage system (05 units for total project time under non-revenue generating physical activity) has been initiated.

Following this, one (01) Dairy Cluster (No. 3 Shikalbaha Union, Ohedia Dairy Cluster) has already been selected for development of community drainage system through IDF-SEP project. The selection criteria were: 1) Areas / clusters polluted by water and air due to inadequate sewerage system, dung and farm wastes. 2) Large number of dairy farms (100-150 farms) exists in clusters, 3) More than 10 microenterprises Agrosor- SEP loan members 4) Average attendance of entrepreneurs at their own center, 5) Average attendance of farmers at training or club meetings etc. Following this, the IDF-SEP project and a community drainage system of 250 feet in length have been ensured in selected dairy clusters with the contribution of community people. There were many environmental problems in the area before the drainage system was developed. Such as: 1) Waste mismanagement has adversely affected the environment of the area and increased the level of pollution in the area. 2) Various diseases of cattle have increased in the farm including water and air pollution of the area.

Under such circumstances, drainage system development has accelerated the economic and environmental development of the cluster. At present due to proper management of farm waste the environment of the area has improved a lot and the level of environmental pollution in the area has been reduced a lot. Water and air pollution in the area has decreased a lot.

The environment of the area has become much cleaner as a result of dumping garbage in certain places without dumping garbage here and there. As a result, the incidence of various livestock diseases on farms has been greatly reduced and the incidence of various water and airborne diseases in the community has been significantly reduced.


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