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A success story of Mst. Kusum Akter

My name is Mst. Kusum akter. I am a resident of soinnartek village under 3 no. Shikalbaha union of Karnafully in Chattogram district. In 2015, I was decided to make a dairy farm with the help of my husband. Since then I get started a small farm with three cows and two goats. Now I support my family with my farm income.

Photo: Echo Friendly Dairy Farm of Kusum Akter

In the past my farm had a lot of problems. eg: the farm was small due to lack of adequate financial management. Continuing the cost of rearing cows it would have been difficult to run own family. I could not afford to feed and treatment the cows properly. There were also technical problems. As per example there were no use of fan and LED light. Since the farm was small, so there were no enough places to keep the cows. The cow shed was narrow. Due to insufficient light and air and the floor was not paved, the farm was always in humid. Therefore, I had no idea regarding eco-friendly cow shed making and drainage system and I would leave cow dung here and there and I didn’t use the cow dung properly. As a result, cattle diseases were often seen. I had also no idea about high yielding fodder cultivation.

Since then, I started thinking about how to grow my farm elaborately. According to the decision I have go to the IDF-SEP project to grow my farm. Then in July, 2021 I have took Agrosor SEP loan from IDF-SEP project and was registered as a member of IDF-SEP and went down to work on the farm.
When I received Agrosor SEP loan from IDF-SEP project accelerated the economic and environmental development of my farm. I can learn about the environmental development of the farm by participating in various trainings of the IDF-SEP project.

Photo: Use of Waste Bin
Photo: Drainaze Sysym inside the farm

 At their suggestions I have make the farm semi-ripe, use nets around the farm to protect cow from attacking different insect and use insulator and transparent tin to ensure proper use of daylight and ensure deworming and vaccination timely. As a result, removes moisture from my farm and currently there are very few pathogens on my farm. We expand the farm that creating more space for cows and calves. Note that at present have ten (10) dairy cows on my farm. Now days I cultivate high yielding fodder in the cultivated land and use self-made vermicompost on the land. As a result, the cost of dairy feed on the farm is less and proper use of cow dung is ensured.

Photo: Use of First Aid Box
Photo: Use of Transfarent tin

At present, other women in the neighborhood are encouraged to come and learn how to make vermicompost. Now I support my family by earning money from the farm. The tide of happiness is now in my world of sorrow. For this reason, I would like to thank IDF-SEP project.

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